Serviced Apartments vs Hotels: What's the Difference?

Sometimes, you just can’t quite get the flexibility or space you need from a hotel room without spending a lot of money. From limited facilities to extortionate prices for larger rooms, hotels aren’t always a feasible option, especially if you’re planning a much longer stay. That’s where serviced accommodation comes in. 

For short, medium and long-term stays, serviced apartments and houses offer an extra level of flexibility you don’t quite get from hotels. As well as having ample space to move around and comfortably work in, you’ve also got vital areas like a kitchen and living space to enjoy. For long business trips, you no longer have to suffer working from cramped desks or finding a relatively quiet coffee shop to work in. You’re able to completely focus and find an area you can be productive in, 

Staying in serviced accommodation has numerous benefits which majorly differ from those you might find from a hotel break. From sustainability to a homely feel, serviced apartments and homes offer you ample space to unwind and relax, no matter the purpose of your stay. 

What Makes Hotel Stays and Serviced Apartments Different? 

1. Sustainability 

It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but there’s an element of truth to it. Serviced apartments tend to offer a more sustainable approach versus hotels, and hotel chains in particular. For example, hotel rooms tend to change the sheets, linen and towels every day if you allow them. However, when you stay at a serviced apartment, like ours at Berkshire Rooms, you can select how often the housekeeping service visits. Many choose a weekly or bi-weekly approach as they don’t feel the need for regular towel or linen changes.

2. Homely Touch 

As well as having the space to move around, you can also enjoy more creature comforts. For example, you can relax on the sofa after a long day of work or cook one of your favourite dishes, giving it that home away from home feel. After all, working in a more relaxed, homely environment has been known to evoke productivity in workers. 

Compared with hotel rooms, you’ll likely have more space in a serviced apartment. Not only do you have all the comforts of a home, such as a kitchen and living area, but you also have flexible options when choosing your work setup. When working from a remote setting, many employees express enhanced productivity and focus as they have minimal distractions, such as office noise or general chatter. By relaxing in a comfortable setting, you’re able to fully commit to the work tasks on hand for the day. 

3. Cheaper Solution for Longer Stays 

Longer stays could work out much cheaper at a serviced accommodation too. Considering the cost of everything else, – food, travel, parking, laundry, etc. – these expenses can easily rack up. Paying to use a laundromat or purchasing food every day becomes expensive, especially if you’re paying for it out of your pocket. Fortunately, with a kitchen and washing facility available, you could save money. 

Food/Meal Expenses 

Staying long-term in a hotel could quickly rack up the costs, especially if you’re eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unless you’ve spent a lot on an all-inclusive stay in the UK, you’ll have to factor food costs in for every day you spend in the hotel. Plus, eating out or getting takeaways for a few weeks can get quite tiresome.  

Fortunately, a serviced apartment allows you the luxury of being able to cook for yourself with the opportunity to enjoy the odd meal out of takeaway if you want to. With up to £53 spent on each meal out and the average week’s food shop for two people costing £60, it’s clear to see how much cheaper serviced accommodation works out for its visitors.  

4. Living Space 

Serviced accommodations will offer some form of living space, even for studio apartments. Not only are you able to fully unwind away from your sleeping area, but you’re also able to put some distance between you and the outside world. Living areas are great setups for temporary offices, allowing you to spread yourself out where needed. From important documents to your laptop, you’ll feel comfortable and clear-headed as you work. 

5. Kitchen Space 

Whilst some hotel rooms do offer a self-catering option, they don’t always have every appliance or piece of cutlery you need. Plus, when you stay in serviced accommodation, you’ll have access to a kitchen space complete with an oven, microwave and toaster, which beats the solitary kettle set-up many hotels offer.  

For longer stays, especially those requiring travel for work, having a kitchen space can make a world of difference. For many, their kitchen is a sanctuary of happiness and wellness. When nerves are frayed, cooking is often a great mediator for stress, allowing you to fully unwind and rid yourself of the day’s worries. Not every stay is designed as a break after all, some choose to stay in serviced accommodation to avoid lengthy commutes between their home and office setup, especially if driving time exceeds a few hours. 

6. Length of Stay 

Long-term stays aren’t often possible at a hotel, making a serviced apartment more feasible for those travelling for longer periods. Many hotels might also ask you to switch rooms if your stay is lengthy, especially as they’ve already sold it to someone else. When you work with a serviced accommodation provider, it’s possible to book a home or apartment for just a few days to a couple of months if you require it.  

7. Purpose of Stay 

Hotels are often used as a solution for those heading on holiday, needing accommodation during an event or for short-term business travel, but they’re not always the most suitable option. For example, smaller groups of business travellers may not qualify for corporate discounts if there are not enough numbers, meaning it’s a greater expense to the employer. Fortunately, multiple-roomed serviced accommodation could offer a reprieve for companies looking to save money, especially as the kitchen facilities could mean less spent on expenses at mealtimes. 

Why Might You Choose to Stay at a Serviced Apartment? 

The real question is, why wouldn’t you? A serviced apartment offers much more flexibility for visitors versus a traditional hotel with fixed operating hours. No longer do you have to be back at the front doors before they close or wait for someone to let you in, you have the flexibility to enter as you please. 

You might also choose to stay in a serviced apartment merely because it offers more space than a conventional hotel room. You’re not confined to one bedroom and a bathroom, but you can also enjoy a living space as well as a kitchen area. In some instances, you may have multiple bedrooms to explore. Even a serviced studio apartment feels more spacious and comforting than a square hotel room. 

What Are the Similarities Between a Hotel and a Serviced Apartment? 

• Cleaning Routines 

Cleanliness and hygiene are important for the hospitality sector, just like it is for serviced apartments. Many hotels offer a complimentary housekeeping service that runs daily, allowing you fresh sheets and clean towels, as well as quick clean of any surfaces. Whereas serviced accommodation allows you to choose a weekly or bi-weekly service. 

• Location and Amenities 

Hotels and serviced accommodations tend to be located central to key attractions, commuter links and local amenities. Where hotels are in operation, you’ll likely find some form of serviced accommodation solution alongside a choice of BnBs as well.  

• Accommodation 

Both are designed to keep you warm, give you access to essential facilities and keep a roof over your head during your stay. Whilst hotels have major perks, like excellent location and close proximity to amenities, they don’t always allow you to fully unwind after a stressful day, with the exception of a good night’s sleep.  

Looking for Serviced Accommodation in Berkshire? 

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