Welcome to Basingstoke, a place for ages that  will immerse you  culture and whimsy

It is situated 30 miles northeast of Southampton  48 miles, southwest of London and 19 miles with access to the M3 & M4

With aristocratic homes to peruse, parks, plantations, and ponds, Basingstoke is an ideal place to discover what it was like to live in the past.    Rich in history and full of culture, Basingstoke is a town in southern England. The Milestones Museum is a living history museum featuring antique cars and a 1940s candy store. Exhibits at the Willis Museum trace the town’s history from the Iron Age to the present, and its Sainsbury Gallery hosts local and touring art exhibitions. To the east, Basing House is a ruined Tudor manor. North of town, The Vyne is a Tudor mansion with a 16th-century chapel.

Want to explore the archaeology of the area, with exhibits on the past and present of Basingstoke? Even better – want to do it for free? Look no further than the Willis Museum, a Hampshire Cultural Trust site with all the history of the area professionally curated. Not a history buff? The art exhibits on print-making and historic artists should further entice you. 

 Manydown Family Fun will provide you with a jam-packed afternoon of frolicking with animals, enjoying the sunshine, and exploring the British countryside. The list of things to do is endless including a sheep racing track, tractor trailer rides, animal handling, woodland walk, farmyard animals, inflatable fun, adventure play, trampolines, bale mountain, human rabbit warren, jumping pillow, and the farmers’ retreat cafe.

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